Load Data from Csv Files

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Effort makes it possible to fill your fake database with data gathered from CSV files. Here is a sample CSV file that can be consumed by the Effort provider to fill the Products table.

Sample CSV File

"1","Chai","1","1","10 boxes x 20 bags","18.0000","39"
"2","Chang","1","1","24 - 12 oz bottles","19.0000","17"

Place all your CSV files in a favorable directory, pass the path of the directory in CsvDataLoader constructor to make Effort to load them.


IDataLoader loader = new Effort.DataLoaders.CsvDataLoader(@"D:\CsvFiles")
using (NorthwindEntities ctx = Effort.ObjectContextFactory.CreateTransient(loader))
    var products = ctx.Products.ToList();

It returns a collection that contains two products which was specified in the CSV file.