CSV File Format

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CSV file format in Effort

CsvDataLoader component accepts files that follow the traditional CSV format:

  • The first row contains the header names
  • Comma ( , ) is the separator character
  • Double quote ( “ ) is the delimiter character
  • Double double quote ( “” ) is used to express a single double quote between delimiters

There are some additional requirements that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Numbers and dates are parsed with invariant culture setting.
  • Binaries are encoded in base64 format.
  • Null values are represented with empty fields without delimiters.
  • Empty strings are represented by empty fields with a delimiter.
  • Backslash serves as an escape character for backslash and newline characters.

These are all the rules that need to be followed. The following example demonstrates the rules by representing a compatible CSV file.

Sample CSV File

"JD","John Doe",01/23/1982,"MHS","\\\\server1\\share8\r\n\\\\server2\share3",
"MHS","Michael ""h4x0r"" Smith",05/12/1975,,"","ZzVlKyszZjQ5M2YzNA=="

The first line contains the name of the table fields, and the remaining lines represent a data row.