How To Use Effort in Conjunction with Reverse Poco Generator

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So I am Visual Studio 2017, EF6 and I am using this T4 template to generate my context class

Being a big fan of testing I already have 100% coverage with unit tests, but now I want to do Integration tests where I can call multiple parts of my system and pass through the changes - but of course I want to do this without touching a real disk DB.

So after searching for a bit I found Effort and to me this looks like exactly what I want to use. Where I can create a database thats in memory, fill it with whatever fixtures I want and than call multiple methods from various parts of my system. However, the thing I am trying to find out is how to make it work in my situation I have tried DBConnectionFactory, EntityConnectionFactory, ObjectConnectionFactory and every time I get the Error Message:-

"EffortException: Database has not been initialized".

this is the code block I am using in my setup:-

   var newsCtx = Effort.DbConnectionFactory.CreatePersistent("2");
   _newsEntities = new NewsEntities(newsCtx);
   _newsEntities.Channels.Add(new Channel
            Id = 1,
            Title = "Convenience Store - ",
            Link = "",
            Description = "",
            Image = "",
            PublishedAt = null,
            UpdatedAt = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-2),
            Enabled = true,
            Type = "Rss_2_0",
            Author = null,
            Category = null,
            Copyright = null,
            Generator = null

When I get to the saveChanges I get the exception which suggests that I add the .CreateIfNotExists() which I have already done, however, I still get the error. I can see samples and examples on various links where it works... however I dont want to abandon my t4 template as it gives me exactly what I want.

I am a little lost and I am wondering has anybody used a reverse poco generator that creates the context and used this in conjunction with Effort. I would love to use both and If somebody can give me a pointer so that I can get decent integration tests working with in memory DB I would be as happy as a sandboy

Regards Julian

this is the generated method in the Poco from the t4 template

    public NewsEntities(System.Data.Common.DbConnection existingConnection)
        : base(existingConnection, true)
3/13/2019 10:23:20 AM

Popular Answer

Ok, so after reviewing this link, I got to wondering about how my reverse poco generator was behaving in the methods I had the following inside the method


this was causing the problem.... removing this line from the .ttinclude poco generator enabled Effort to run. Why this was there I have no idea, and removing it doesnt seem to have an effect.

Therefore, I am happy as a sand boy again and I can continue with my integration tests using an in memory database. If you come across this problem see if somebody has modified your t4 template to do something different.

3/13/2019 11:04:49 AM

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