Entity Framework Effort

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// Returns categories stored in the database.
using(NorthwindEntities context = 
                            new NorthwindEntities())
    return context.Categories.ToList();

// Returns categories from in-memory database.
using(NorthwindEntities context = 
    return context.Categories.ToList();

What's EF Effort?

Effort stands for Entity Framework Fake ObjectContext Realization Tool. It is a powerful tool that enables a convenient way to create automated tests for Entity Framework based applications.

When should I use EF Effort?

Whenever you need to create a fake or mock database. So you can test your Business Logic Layer (BLL) without worrying about your Data Access Layer (DAL).

Which version of EF is supported?

You can use Entity Framework Effort with EF5 and EF6.

Is EF Core supported?

No, this library doesn't support EF Core yet. There is no planned date yet.

Need more performance?

Find out how to dramatically improve EF performances with
Entity Framework Extensions

Where can I find examples?

Online examples are now available!

Online Examples

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